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My Pet-sitting Philosophy


One of the most satisfying comments I get from clients after using my service, is when they tell me, "I really see a positive difference in my pet!"

I love animals and I can tell you I truly love taking care of people's pets and making a difference in their lives. My pet-sitting service is not about dashing in and out of your home, accomplishing the bare minimum and then moving on to the next job. I really enjoy developing strong relationships with pets and owners alike. Helping to keep your pets happy, safe and content while you are away brings me joy and satisfaction in the work I do. 

By choosing an overnight pet-sitter over a kennel service it shows that you already know the many benefits of keeping your pets at home while you are away on vacation. You know that your pets are happiest at home, in their normal, comfortable environment where they are able to stick to their routine. Your pets won't have to be confined to a small kennel space for most of their day as well as share that space with a number of animals that are completely unfamiliar to them. In addition, by keeping your pets at home they won't be exposed to accidents or illnesses common at a boarding facility. By choosing a pet-sitting service you know your pets will get personal, individualized love, care and attention. 

In the pet-sitting world I believe I stand above the rest by my attention to detail and by my absolute commitment to your furry loved ones. I never overbook or take on too many clients in a day. I promise to give you the consistent, quality service that you expect and your pets deserve.


"I travel a lot for work and can say I feel so blessed to be able to count on Laura to be there for my dogs when I cannot. She takes care of my home and my dogs as if they were her own. When I come home my dogs, while happy to see me, are relaxed and well cared for. I highly recommend Laura and, trust me when I say this, my dogs are my kids and she gets that."

Heidi Ann in West Linncount


"After seeing the caring, knowledgeable way Laura interacted with dogs at the park, I hired her for dog-walking. Laura is kind and reliable and I highly recommend her."

Karen in Lake Oswego


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